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The most intuitive WordPress Grid Builder Plugin.

Grids * Sliders * Archives * Masonry * Carousel * Galleries * Banners * and more.

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What's inside


A small new way to build a plethora of Grid Styles.

Elements form the building blocks of any layout in WordPress. With Elementary, you can choose from 15+ elements, elements like blog cards, shopping cards and much more.


aka Grids. A collection of elements.

Different collections group together elements and present them in a different and unique way. Choose from collections like Archive, Masonry and Carousel

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Content Filter

Content Filters

Microscopic control over content.

The content filters in Elementary help you filter the specific content that you want to be displayed. You have the option to filter content by Post types, Taxonomies, Terms, Fields. Also sort your posts by Date ( on, before, after date ) or by Post id ( ascending, descending ).

More on Content Filtering >>

Under The Hood