Here is a summary of all features of Elementary WordPress Plugin:


Content Filter content-filtering

i. Filter content by including / excluding any post type ->including / excluding any taxonomy -> including / excluding any terms.

ii. Filter content by fields -> lesser than / greater than / equal to -> post id.

iii. Filter content by on / after / before date.

iv. Sort content by ascending / descending.

v. Add / Delete Fields to the single post. Fields like Title, Excerpt, Featured Image, Other images, price, etc are loaded from the post information of all most custom post types.


2. RESPONSIVE STYLE EDITOR : Elementary lets you style each element in your Collection ( grid ) by selecting the label of the first element’s field. You can also edit styles for specific media. Media options are Default, Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

responsive style editor
responsive style editor

3. Collection Types ( Grid Type ): You have the following collection / grid options:

i. Archive.

ii. Masonry.

iii. Carousel Slider.

3. Archive page Settings: If you choose archive as the grid option, you can set the

i. number of posts in page,

ii. maximum number of posts,

iii. pagination on / off options.

4. Carousel Slider Settings: For Carousel Slider as the grid / collection type, you have

i. Maximum number of posts.

ii. Autoplay on/off.

iii. Autoplay interval delay.

iv. If you want to change the number of posts shown in the screen at a time, you can go to Style Settings -> boxModel -> width to the width of single post. Say, if I wanted 4 posts in the screen. I would set width as ( 23 ) and margin-right as 1 and margin-left as 1. So in total ( 25% * 4 == 100 ). This is show me 4 posts in view, with 1% margin on either side of each.

5. Masonry Layout Option: Same as archive page options.


1. Post Grids and Custom Post Grids.

2. Post Carousel Sliders and Custom Post Carousel Sliders.

3. Post and Custom Post Masonry Layouts.

4. All Grids / Carousels are Responsive and Customizable.


  1. Works with almost any theme / plugin.
  2. You do not need a specialised grid theme.
  3. Works with other grid plugins as well. Even though, Elementary can do almost everything the other grid plugins can do, it is so much more. And where we go for here is also every fascinating.