Helpie 2.0 Beta

We started Helpie as a documentation/knowledge base plugin. And then we thought why not link up a ticketing system along with the already existing Knowledge Base features to make it even more easy and professional for our customers to report, track, resolve and maintain records of issues. And so Helpie 2.0 was born.

In Helpie 2.0, you can have your users/customers create tickets to report the issue that they are facing. It is designed in a such a way so that it literally gels in with your website, no separate login for creating tickets.

We try to make creating a ticket/reporting issue as simple as possible. It is so simple that the customer will have to fill only 5 to 6 fields and add screen-shot/s of the issue being reported. With every update made to the ticket the customer is sent an email notification and his reply, if any is added as a comment onto the ticket automatically, how smooth is that!!

The admin can always look at the number of tickets which are open, assigned to agent, agent’s response time and several other metrics. With all these metrics one could easily figure out the pain areas and have your team look into it, there by making your product better and better with each customer issue reported. We assure you, that Helpie is the simplest, smartest and smoothest ticketing system you have tried.

All this and many more features with Helpie 2.0 Beta. Try it now!!

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