Tables on Steroids

Tablesome Pro

Connect your tables to forms, send emails using contacts stored on your tables and automate your workflows.

Connect with forms, email services & much more...

Replace Mailchimp

Replace MailChimp with WordPress Newsletter plugin + Tablesome + SendGrid SMTP and saves thousands of dollars per year.

Minimum Cost of 10,000 contacts in MailChimp per year: $930. 

Tablesome ($49) + SendGrid ($175) 
cost per year: $225

Work with Form Data

Store, Manipulate, Edit and Display Form Data with Tables.

More Triggers & Actions to come

We will be adding more triggers and actions to the Tablesome Pro version.

Triggers -> Actions = Super-tables

Integrate WordPress forms with CRM's

Generate leads with your WordPress site and easily add new contacts and leads into your CRM mailing lists & sales pipelines.

Add, Edit, Delete & Manupulate tables

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