Tablesome is a WordPress responsive table plugin to quickly create responsive tables and has a ton load of integrations with Contact Form 7, WPForms, Elementor Forms, Forminator, Notion, MailChimp and more coming.

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Free Version Features

rich text

Rich-text Table

You get a rich text editor within the table so that you can have table content with rich-text columns with cell-level formatting options.

Add Images and links to tables

Add Images to Tables

With Tablesome you can add images to table cells from Media Library. All images formats supported by WordPress such as JPG, PNG, ICO, etc., can be added to tables.

loupe small

Table Search

Users can quickly find the data they need using the table search bar, which can be enabled or disabled for each table. The table search is fast and accurate and can also find special characters.

Table Filters

Table Filters

Gives you advanced filtering options with which you can add multiple filters to table columns both on the backend and the frontend. You can quickly find the relevant information using the table filters especially when you have a large table with thousands of table records.


Import Tables from CSV & XLSX

If you already have table data in external sources such as Google Sheets, Excel or any spreadsheeet tool, you can import your tables to your WordPress site in the form of a CSV & XLSX files.

Table styling options

Customize Colors & Fonts

Comes with styling options that allows to change colors of table header, body background, & borders. You can apply alternative colors to table rows. You can also change the fonts, font colour, size, and alignment of table header and body content.


Table Pagination

When displaying a large table with thousads of rows, this plugins adds pagination to the table helps users to easily navigate through the table records. You can change the limit of how many records to show on a page.

responsive -1

Responsive Tables​

WordPress Tables created with Tablesome plugin are fully responsive regardless of the number of rows and columns and look great on all devices including mobile devices & tablets (iPhone, Android, etc,).

Table Sorting

Table Sorting

It comes with basic text and numerical sorting of columns. Advanced sorting coming up with more data types in the coming releases.


Stackable Table Mode

You can choose Stackable Table Mode and it stacks the table rows under each other with one cell per row in mobile devices.

Multi Formats

Mutiple Data Formats

Tables can have data in different formats such as Text, TextArea, Images, URLs, Buttons, Emails, Date, and more.

Table Shortcode

Embed Tables Anywhere

Gives you table shortcodes to embed the tables on any post or page including custom post types. You can use the same shortcode to embed the same table in multiple locations.

Tablesome Cells

Large Tables

Can create large tables in WordPress with many number of rows and columns. It works fast with large tables even upto millions of rows.

Hide Table Headers and Columns

Hide Table Headers & Coulmns

You can create Headerless tables by switching off header display in the Tablesome settings. Using Tablesome shortcode builder you can hide table header and hide specific columns on the frontend.

Editable table

Editable Tables

Allows to edit and/or adjust the published tables at any point by a WordPress user with access.

Theme Compatiblity

Theme Friendly Tables

Tablesome is tested with many popular WordPress themes and works seamlessly with any decently coded WordPress theme.

Premium Features

Triggers & Actions

Triggers & Actions

You can add data to tables from various triggers such as form submissions from Contact Form 7, WPForms, etc., and use the data to perform several actions.

Date Filter

Date Filters

For Date columns you can filter records based on Exact Date(date picker), Month, Year, and relative filters such as Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Current Month, & Current Year.

Drag & Drop Icon -1

Drag & Drop Reorder Table Rows

Drag & drop your rows in any position you choose. You can manually rearrange table rows smoothly using the drag & drop feature. It is a way to manually sort your table in addition to the ascending / descending ordering of the table rows.


Datatables Fixed Column

When you have many number of columns you can fix the first column on the left side of the table. Other columns would be horizontally scrollable but the first column would be fixed.

Sponsored Link

Sponsored Attribute to Links

Can add sponsored tags (rel=”sponsored”) to URLs and Buttons. Google recommends that you add this sponsored tag to all referral links for which you are getting paid. You can automatically add this tag to all links in the column.

Table Buttons

Table Buttons

You can add call to action buttons to tables with options to change the button color and font color. Similar to URLs can add NoFollow, Sponsored and Open In New Tab tags to buttons. Gives you Default Button Text fields to to automatically add texts to all buttons.

Duplicate table rows-records

Duplicate tables rows

Allows you to clone table records/rows. When you have similar data, you can duplicate multiple records and make the necessary edits. It could save you much time.

Duplicate complete tables

Clone/duplicate entire table

Allows you to clone a table that you created earlier. You could use a pre-filled table as a template and create new tables faster.

Priority Support

Priority Support

You don't have to wait in queue to get support. Premium users get personalized and priority support from a member of the expert support team.

Tablesome Vs TablePress

How does Tablesome compare with the popular TablePress table plugin?

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