Helpie Update : Version 1.2.3

Glad to announce that we have released Helpie 1.2.3 with some amazing new features. Take a look and you can try the product demo by creating a demo site made just for you, here:Helpie knowledge base

New Major Feature:

Frontend-editing – Add, Edit, Delete articles from front-end

With our new Front-end editing features, you can create, delete or edit articles right from the frontend.

Other New Features:

  • New categories are now automatically included ( provided they have articles )
  • New Full-Boxed Template: This template hides sidebar but shows the main content in a boxed layout. ( 1170px by default )
  • Show Tags at the bottom of the single article page

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed Encoded characters in Search auto-suggestion
  2. Search results page showing wrong results
  3. Remove all JS logs
  4. User Access: By default, Allow Non-Categorised article to be viewed

3 thoughts on “Helpie Update : Version 1.2.3”

  1. This article now says Helpie 1.2.3

    Do you have a list of updates or changelog?

    The website still says 1.9

    Maybe you can make a new article for each update instead of overwriting the same post.

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