What to expect in Elementary v1.1

Just a few weeks after our initial launch, Elementary v1.1 for WordPress is almost ready. Here is what we have worked on so far.

1. Element Drag-n-Drop
We have built a simple and exquisite drag-n-drop feature that lets you drag any text, image, button inside the element. There are no boundaries set by rows and columns and the drag-n-drop works as free-flowing as possible. So, Elementary may now be called a Drag and Drop Visual Layout Builder or Drag and Drop Grid Builder.

2. Add / Remove Fields:
In addition to the text, image, link fields that are predefined in the base elements ( element skins ), you also get to add new fields, and delete any existing field. This give you much control over your layout.

3. Content Length and Button:
You can set a limit to the content length of any field in the element. Say, you want to limit the excerpt to 100 characters, you can do that with the new options available.

Also, we are adding a new field option for Button. A button points to the URL field of the associated post. Also, you can add custom text to the button. ( like Read More, Click Here, etc ) We have a text field to get the value of the button-text. What you type becomes text shown in the button.

This is especially very useful for archives pages and banners.

4. More CSS options:
We have add the following style / css options:

i. max-height, min-height.

ii. max-width, min-width.

iii. font-family: initial, inherit.


5. Loading Animation for elements.

6. Collections:
i. Pagination on / off toggle.

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