What is Customizer in WordPress?

Customizer, as the name suggests is used to customize your website’s appearance. You can use it to modify your website’s appearance settings.

To access customizer you have two options:

Option 1: From any page or post on your website.

i. Go to action bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

ii. Then, Click the three dots.

iii. Then select Customize.

Option 2: From dashboard

i. Go to My Sites.

ii. Select Themes.

iii. Then select Customize under Personalize section

Facilities provided by customizer:

1. You can preview what your website content would look like in a different theme.

2. By clicking on Change, you’ll see a selection of themes to preview.

3. By clicking on Save & Next you can keep that theme.

4. You can also preview your design and see if it works well across all screen sizes – desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Themes in customizer generally customize content like: Site Identity, Header Image, Menus, Widgets ,Static Front Page ,Featured Content .

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